Spring Framework Ecosystem for Serverless, Microservices, Event-driven, Reactive Systems


Spring Framework, released almost two decades ago, has progressively established itself as a de facto standard for building Enterprise Java applications. With emerging trends of building applications by applying Microservices Architecture, Serverless with Cloud computing model, non-blocking architecture with Reactive architecture, Spring framework has been evolutionary in providing the support for modern architecture practices. With Spring Framework as a foundational capability, the below visualization represents the ecosystem of Spring community-provided…

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The Latest Trends in Serverless Application Development 

Serverless computing has established itself in mainstream adoption and started appearing in the technology roadmap for enterprise organizations. Research companies and industry leaders have predicted that serverless adoption will gain more momentum in 2022. While there are different aspects of Serverless in context to infrastructural elements such as storage, compute and network, this article focuses on the latest trends in serverless application development.  With an increasing focus to offload operations…

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