The idea behind Vedcraft:

Ved (sanskrit meaning knowledge) and as combined with “Craft” puts the knowledge into action. That’s our core value to apply knowledge and craft into action for our clients in the most cost-effective and modern way.

Our vision is to unleash the potential of small and medium businesses through cost-effective cloud and next-gen technologies.

Vedcraft is a California-based technology company. We empower small and medium-sized businesses with cost-effective Cloud and Modern technologies such as Generative AI. We share industry insights and knowledge on modern technologies, inspired by the culture of the Open Source community.

For non-profit organizations, we offer complimentary consulting services in the initial stage for them to use transformative technology solutions globally and locally. Contact us for further details.

Our Core Values


Our commitment to delivering solutions that are affordable and deliver high value for the price. Cloud and modern technologies can be very expensive if not applied effectively and there are innovative ways to use available solutions in the marketplace. For example, using the power of free-tier available with Cloud-service providers, leveraging the usage-tier limits such as AWS Lambda limits effectively, and using the Cloud services with cost-insights in consideration are a few practices we apply to keep your Cloud bill in check.

Modernization-empowered Solution

Our dedication to using the latest technologies and approaches to ensure your solutions are future-proof and effective in today’s business landscape. While large enterprises have the benefits of hiring expensive consultants and Cloud experts, not every company can afford to get the appropriate expertise in a complex technology landscape. Our approach is to keep it balanced with cost-effectiveness along with applicability of modern Cloud, and emerging technologies.

Business-focused Delivery

We focus on optimizing efficiency and maximizing ROI based on business objectives and goals in consideration. Technology can not operate in isolation and that’s why we firmly believe in aligning technology with business objectives to create real value for the organization in the future.

People and Community

We believe in people and community with an emphasis on collaboration and building relationships. We believe in fostering an open environment inspired by the Opensource culture and firmly believe in giving back to the community. People are everything for the success of any organization – that is one of our fundamental principles.