Learn Docker & Kubernetes

As a full-stack architect, understanding and being hands-on with Docker & Kubernetes helps you to drive end-to-end architecture and technology decisions. This article summarizes free Docker & Kubernetes courses focused for application architects.

#1 – Containerization with Docker

Apart from having the basic knowledge of Docker, advanced knowledge of container runtime helps during troubleshooting and using advanced container creation practices such as multi-stage docker build.

Additionally, having the basic knowledge of contained help, which is container runtime for Docker & Kubernetes. The list of below courses help to get foundational knowledge and also extend your understanding further by using the documentation:

Docker Essentials
– Udemy
Online VideoTo understand the fundamentals of Docker
Interactive Lab to Learn Docker
– by Docker
LabDocker 101 to experience Docker without installing locally (free session for 4 hours)
It requires registration with a Docker ID.
Docker DocumentationOnlineDocker Official Documentation
Docker Handbook
GitHubReference Handbook with code & examples

Other Recommended Courses/Material available for free:

#2 – Container Management with Kubernetes

With the growing usage of Kubernetes in production, having hands-on knowledge with troubleshooting skills it is an essential skillset for application architects. Even if you are using managed Kubernetes services like GKE, EKS, or AKS, having the expertise helps to navigate the team as well as deployment architecture formulation.

Introduction to Kubernetes
The Linux Foundation
OnlineIt includes basic Kubernetes architecture knowledge, installation & setup using Minikube, deployment, config maps, ingress, etc.
Interactive Lab to Learn Kubernetes
– by Docker
LabKubernetes101 to experience it without installing locally (free session for 4 hours)
It requires registration with a Docker ID.
Interactive Tutorial with scenarios to Learn KubernetesLabA step-by-step guide with an interactive tutorial to setup Kubernetes, configure & deploy

Other Recommended Courses/Material available for free:

If you would like to advanced your knowledge or get certified, you can start preparing for hands-on lab based certification by CNCF & The Linux Foundation:

To conclude, these courses and references help you to get started & develop core knowledge nothing can beat hands-on knowledge and practical experience. Keep experimenting with kubectl and docker.

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