HashiCorp announced on August 10, 2023, that they are adopting Business Source License from Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL 2.0). Click here to read the announcement and they have also published a FAQ page.

This will require additional consideration if you are using their key product offerings – Terraform, Packer, Vault, Boundary, Consul, Nomad, Waypoint, and Vagrant.

This has raised many questions in the Open source community, particularly because of the limitations as part of the BSL license:

BSL is an alternative to closed source or open source licensing models. Under BSL, the source code is publicly available. Non-production use of the code is always free, and the licensor can also make an Additional Use Grant allowing production use under specific restrictions.

Key highlights:

  • There is no impact on end users using these products for internal or personal usage.
  • For integration partners that are building integrations with our products, including Terraform providers, Vault plugins, and other product integrations, there is no change.
  • Organizations providing competitive offerings to HashiCorp will no longer be permitted to use the community edition products free of charge under the BSL license.
  • Vendors who provide competitive products and services built on HashiCorp open source products will no longer be able to incorporate future releases, bug fixes, or security patches contributed to HashiCorp products.


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