Architecture Standards

As a software architect, it is important to understand available industry standards to increase your breadth of knowledge and apply the best practices available.

#1 – IEEE 42010 Systems and software engineering

IEEE is a professional organization that develops global standards across industries including Information Technology. They have defined a standard for defining software architecture known as 42010:2011 Systems and software engineering.

Click here for the official web-page by IEEE.

#2 – SEI ATAM: Method for Architecture Evaluation

SEI (Software Engineering Institute) is an American research and development center by Carnegie Mellon university. While SEI program of work is conducted in several principal areas, their contribution to software assurance and software engineering has been appreciated by the entire industry.

Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) a technique for analyzing software architectures developed by SEI and became more of a standard for IT architects.

Click here for the official web-page by SEI for ATAM (you can download PDF version of ATAM for free).
Click here for SEI home page.

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