Upcoming Key Tech Events – Q3/Q4 2020

Microsoft Ignite

Purpose: To share innovation and technology with leading speakers from Microsoft. It has segments and sessions for all roles including developers and architects contributing to enterprise tech and security solutions.
Length & Format: 3-day virtual conference
Fees: Free
Date: SEP. 22– SEP. 24, 2020


Purpose: If you are an Opensource enthuasist, this is a must-have event to attend, which focuses on big-data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, etc. and other technologies like Ignite, Tomcat, Camel, Cassandra, etc.
Length & Format: 3-day virtual conference
Fees: Free
Date: SEP. 29– OCT. 1, 2020

AWS re:Invent 2020

Purpose: To share AWS innovation & customer success stories, Cloud trends, AWS roadmap & new services launch, partners expo, keynote announcements and more than 100+ sessions. This is a great learning platform to stay updated for AWS and learn about their offerings, case-studies and technologies. It helps in getting updated in terms of Cloud technologies and apply that knowledge to your project or work.
Length & Format: 3-week virtual conference
Fees: Free
Date: NOV. 30 – DEC. 18, 2020

ElasticON Global

Purpose: Elastic, being a leader in search technology, has technology conference to showcase Elastic best practices, customer success stories, hands-on labs, community engagement etc. This is a great platform if you are using or planning to use ELK stack in your organization.
Length & Format: 3-day virtual conference
Fees: Free
Date: OCT. 13 – OCT. 15, 2020

CNCF KubeCon

Purpose: CNCF KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is an important event for opensource, kubernetes, and cloud-native enthusiasts.
Length & Format: 3-day virtual conference
Fees: $50-100/-
Date: NOV. 17 – NOV. 20, 2020

InfoQ QCon (SFO)

Purpose: InfoQ QCon is very popular for hands-on development & architect community. It has mix leading-edge technologies along with conversations on best practice, patterns & practices, and implementable ides.
Length & Format: 3-day (in-person)
Fees: $2-4K
Date: NOV. 16 – NOV. 19, 2020

Past Key Tech Events – Q3 2020

SpringOne 2020

Purpose: Architecture sessions, best practices, hands-on technical sessions and real-world examples of developing cloud-native & microservices application gets demonstrated as part of SpringOne (part of VMWare). Also, if you are using Spring framework, this is a great platform to learn innovation and roadmap related to that.
Length & Format: 2-day virtual conference
Fees: Free
Date: SEP. 2 – SEP. 3, 2020

Google Cloud Next 2020

Purpose: It covers wide variety of topics including industry insights, infrastructure, Cloud, security, AI, application modernization and so on. Even if you are not using Google Cloud, this is an important event to stay updated.
Length & Format: 2-day virtual conference
Fees: Free
Date: July 14. 2 – SEP. 18, 2020