The Open Group IT Certifications

The Open Group is a global consortium (with 700+ organizations as members) and established various technology standards such as TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) framework for enterprise architecture.

They offer following IT certifications for solution & enterprise architects:

CertificationPurposeVedcraft Recommendation
Certified Architect (Open CA)
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1. For Solution Architecture, Business Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture disciplines
2. It offers 3 levels of certifications:
Level 1: Certified
Level 2: Master
Level 3: Distinguished
3. Cost is approx. $ 400-500/- for each level. Click here for details.
4. Certification process is lengthy and you need to submit certification package (click here for entire path)
Unless there is a mandate by your organization or client, recommendation is to go for more pragmatic certifications such as AWS Certification.
TOGAF 9 Certification
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1. Essential certification for enterprise architects
2. It offers 2 levels of certifications:
– Foundation (55% passing mark)
– Certified (60% passing mark)
3. Scenario-based online assessment exam. Click here for more details.
4. Cost is approx. $360/- per level & $ 550/- for combined exam.
Highly recommended for understanding TOGAF as a framework and in general, an important certification for enterprise architects. It is also widely recognized in the industry and will help in your career journey.