As the pace of engineering is increasing, the idea is to keep it updated annually based on the current technology landscape and engineering transformation trends. 

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Software EngineeringDesign PatternsInfrastructure & DevOpsData Engineering & Machine LearningEmpowering 
and enabling engineers
Quality EngineeringBusiness Value & Customer CentricitySRE,Observability & MonitoringDelivery PracticesCloud & Emerging TechResearch & Awareness
Software Architecture Patterns (Layered, Event-driven, Reactive, Message-drive, Microkernel, Microservices, Pipeline)Gang of Four Design PatternsContinuous IntegrationArchitecture and Principles – Big DataBDD ApproachAutomated Functional TestingRequirement definition & decompositionApplication Performance MonitoringAgile ManifestoPaaS, IaaS & SaaS and Private/Public/Hybrid CloudGartner Magic Quadrant
Architecture PrinciplesMicroservices Design PatternsContinuous DeploymentMachine Learning IntroductionClean Code PrinciplesEffective Code ReviewAccessibility TestStakeholder ManagementDistributed System MonitoringSaFe FrameworkComputer, Network & Storage – Managed ServicesForrester Wave
Viewpoints & Perspectives12-factor App PrinciplesContainers & Orchestration(Kubernetes)ML Algorithms (Classification, Regression, Clustering…)Automated Code Quality (Sonarqube)A/B TestingBusiness Value with TechnologyObservability, SLOAWS CAF
Google CAF
Microsoft CAF
ThoughtWorks Technology Radar
Deployment Architecture/ViewpointDomain-driven DesignInfrastructure as a CodeServerless Machine LearningMicro Frontends & MicroservicesPerformance Testing (Load Testing, Soak, Stress Testing)Customer CentricityPredictive Performance ManagementAWS 6R frameworkGoogle State of DevOps Reports
Operational Architecture/ViewpointData Structure & AlgorithmAIOpsGitOpsDevSecOpsStreaming Data ProcessingPerformance Optimization TacticsMulti-platform & Browser TestingDesign ThinkingSite Reliability Engineering Practices by GoogleHybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture Patterns
Information Architecture/ViewpointDesign and Deploy Production-Ready SoftwareBlue Green DeploymentData Lake in CloudFeature Toggle vs. Feature Branch
Feature Toggles
Security Testing (Static Code Analysis, Penetration Testing)Continuous DeliveryChaos Engineering
Chaos Monkey
Cloud Native Technologies Landscape
Functional Architecture/ViewpointCloud Design Patterns by MicrosoftCanary ReleaseAccessibility Guidelines and PracticesEscaping Build TrapServerless Architecture
Performance Principles/Tactics/ViewpointUnit Performance TestingValue-driven ArchitectureIoT in Cloud
Availability & Resilience ViewpointEffective Troubleshooting in Distributed Architecture (like Distributed Tracing)NOSQL databases
Security PrinciplesSecure Coding Practices (OWASP)Caching Technologies